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High Pressure / High Volume
Coolant Thru Pump Kits

PPS offers an alternative to the Fadal Gear Pump with a replacement Jet Pump System.

Our basic pump flows up to 35 gallons (open line) per minute and hold constant pressure of 145 PSI.  Stainless steel pump screw insures long life. Pumps with higher pressure ratings are also available up to 500 PSI.

The pump is completely plumbed and ready to connect.  The pump can be used as a coolant thru pump or a high volume flood pump.  With the use of low cost manual ball valves the pump can be used for both coolant thru or flood.  Optional high flow solenoid valves will also allow coolant thru or flood control from the operators pendent.   The manifold connection also allow for a wash down hose to be added enabling high pressure wash down for cleaning the VMC.


Filter 2

Each pump comes with a transparent poly carbonate filter for easy visual inspection for filter change.  The filter mounts easy under the CNC cabinet.

Additional connectors and fittings can be ordered separately.


Basic Kit Contains:
1 Pump Assembly with Stand and Manifold
1 Poly carbonate filter with filter element
All hoses and connection for pickup and supply to the filter
1 Motor Starter Control Relay and wiring with Instructions

Note: High Pressure Parker Push-Lock Hose for Coolant Thru (1/2") or Flood (34")
  will need to be ordered separately for the individual machine size