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New High Pressure / High Volume
Coolant Thru Up-Grade

The Pneumatic Seal



Two years of design and testing has produced a new high pressure seal.  With the use of pneumatics we have developed a Coolant Thru Seal System that will handle pressures in excess of 500 PSI with out the worry of coolant leaking on the spindle drive belts after a few months of use.  The seal is designed as an up-grade to provide a straight

forward installation that can be added to
any series 1 Coolant Thru Fadal. Additional Kits are also available for converting Non-Coolant Thru Fadal's to Coolant Thru and even replacing the troublesome Series 2 Fadal Coolant Thru Seal.


 Basic Up-Grade Kit


Each basic kit contains all the parts to install the HP/CT (High Pressure Coolant)Up-Grade

Kit Contains:
1 HP/CT Seal Assemble with seals  
   & pneumatic connections

1 Pneumatic AC Air Valve
1 Adjustable Pressure Regulator with gauge
Complete set of Comozzi Connect Fittings, Couplers & Special Check Valves
1 Complete Set of Color Coded High
  Pressure Nycoil Tubing for easy instillation
1 Complete wiring kit & instructions

Additional Kit for Non-Coolant Thru &Series 2 Fadal's

Non-Coolant Thru and Series 2 Coolant Thru both require a standard coolant thru bridge top plate replacement.

 7500 RPM Spindles lSO require different Bide Support.

Please Note: Non-Coolant Fadal's also require a locking type Coolant Thru Draw Bar Up-Grade

Basic Kit Contains:
1 Replacement Bridge Top Plate
2 Bridge Spacer Plates
1 Coolant Thru Draw Bar Piston Rod With Seals
1 Coolant Thru Draw Bar Adaptor Nut
1 Coolant Thru Draw bar Check Valve
1 Hose and Tubing Fitting Kit with Instructions