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 Rotary Tables

NEW USB Indexer - Reduce set-up time by eliminating dual programs for indexing and machining. The USB indexer runs a single program from a USB key, automatically executing rotary moves while sending CNC data via DNC. Write one program, save on a USB key and plug into the USB indexer. The USB indexer does the rest. The indexer can also be used as a USB memory manager for CNC's as a stand alone unit. 

The 5C series of rotary tables come pre-wired for either Fadal or Fanuc CNC's. Complete wiring harnesses in addition to servo packages are also available for both styles of controls in order to facilitate installation. A DC version can be provided to ensure compatibility with older Fadal DC 5C servo packages. 

The 5C comes with standard with a manual collet closer. The manual collet closer has a mechanical force multiplier for both opening and closing of the collet. An optional air collet closer features an impressive 3,000 lbs of thrust @ 100 PSI. Holding force is maintained with variations or even complete loss of air pressure.

Motor and encoder wires are epoxy sealed on the motor end to protect against contamination. (A common point of failure for many rotary tables.)



5C Series Rotarty Table & Completer Kit W / Air Collet


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5C Series Rotarty Table & Completer Kit W / Manual Collet


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